Abby Cadabby

In it’s upcoming 37th season Sesame Street is introducting a new muppet, Abby Cadabby.

Abby Cadabby

From the official press release:

Abby Cadabby is an inquisitive 3-year-old fairy-in-training who has just moved to Sesame Street from Fairyside, Queens. The daughter of a Fairy Godmother, she is learning magic but is not quite proficient yet and has a propensity for turning things into pumpkins with her “training wand.” She has come from a storybook world and is well-versed in fairytales, as they are a part of her family history. Abby loves to practice her magic and rhyming, but what she finds truly amazing and magical is what she discovers on Sesame Street; such as learning to count and drawing a letter with a crayon. These new things are utterly enchanting to her and she will often say “That’s so magic!” She is shy yet curious when she first meets the inhabitants of Sesame Street. She wonders if Snuffy is a “mountain” and if Big Bird is a “giant.” Despite her initial shyness, she makes many new friends, including Elmo, Zoe, and Rosita. They in turn are delighted and fascinated with Abby; that she can “pop” in and out, that she floats when she is happy, and that she has beautiful wings. In Season 37 Abby attends school for the first time at the Storybook Community School and is very excited about going.

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UPDATE: I’d just like to point out that I DO NOT work for The Jim Henson Company, PBS, Children’s Televesion Workshop or Sesame Street. I’m just a Muppet fan with a blog.

In essence, I don’t know when there will be merchandise (especially dolls) available of Abby Cadabby, but I’m trying to find out and pass along all the positive comments as well.

Stay tuned (but be patient).


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63 thoughts on “Abby Cadabby

  1. DANIELLE says:


  2. Sharon Dickins says:

    I really like the new character – when will I be able to purchase one for my granddaughter who loves the show as much as my two daugters did – 35 years ago — Thank you

  3. Sunny says:

    My 19 month old, Abigail, loves watching Sesame Street! Some of her first words are Melmo(Elmo), Big Bird, and Cookie! She will love that the character is named Abby! When will she debut?

  4. Brian says:

    I think the duo who wrote the Boston Globe op-ed piece just don’t get it. Some girls like girlie. My girls like pink. These kids need confirmation that what they like is fine, too. There is nothing intrinsically inconsistent with girls liking pink and being rocket scientists. The op-ed authors seem to think that gender neutralizing everything is the only (best?) proper educational philosophy. That’s wrong, and also boring.

    Abby Cadabby is adorable, sends a good message about what really matters, and (I predict) is going to be quite well received. I guess some people need to find something to critize, though.

  5. Cathy says:

    Your Abby is just in time for my first grand daughter.
    I am so excited about Abby already got plans for her with my granddaughter. Lillian my granddaughter will be here in Oct. of this year. I need Abby here waiting on her.
    Thank you

  6. Pammy says:

    OMG!!! I’m so totally excited for the pink fairy girl! It’s like so cool to have such a pretty role model for my 3 year old! Now when she fusses when I die her hair I can tell her that she’s going to look like Abby Cadabby!

  7. Hell-Mo?…

    Ok, so I’m no big fan of Elmo, but having a 3-year-old teaches you things about children’s television you thought you intrinsically knew.
    I’ll grant that Elmo came long after my Sesame Street-viewing days had ended and that I never re…

  8. amy says:

    I have a new baby daughter, Abby so we are really excited that the new character has her name. Also it neat that she came out the same year she was born. We can’t wait to be able to buy oner for her room. It’s nice that they decided to bring out a new character, and make her a cute girly girl. We love Abby!

  9. ALONDA says:

    Although I am fast becoming addicted to the new adorable character I do resent the title she has been given. I do recall Zoe being the first female lead…why is abby so crucial?

  10. Abby...Really Abby says:

    As a 28 year old Abby (not Abigail…Just Abby) I never met another Abby when I was little. I love it that my name has become so popular. And you know you have made it when you get a character on SS. I love Abby Cadabby!!!
    PS…I also want to get the doll ASAP 🙂

  11. Kathleen says:

    Any idea when the Abby Cadabby doll will be available? My 2-year-old granddaugter, Abby, is a real “girly girl” & she loves the new character.

  12. Darcie says:

    My daughter loves Abby Cadabby after seeing one episode. My only complaint is that we haven’t seen her since. More episodes please.

  13. Karen says:

    I am so excited about Abby Cadabby!!! I have a 17month old girl named Abby and can’t wait to buy her a Abby Cadabby doll! She is such a cute addition to SS and am excited for my Abby to grow up watching her.

  14. […] A new muppet is on Sesame Street, a three-year old fairy-in-training named Abby Cadabby. In side news, Amy Sedaris apparently plays Snow White in one episode this year. That alone is worth it’s weight in gold, especially since I can’t help but picture her as Jerri Blank as Snow White. If only Colbert showed up as the Woodcutter or Prince or whatever. Hell, a dwarf’d be fine. […]

  15. […] After all of these years, and I mean many (37 to be exact), as I remember watching Sesame Street when I was a little girl, Abby Cadabby has joined the mix and taken the first female lead role in Sesame Street.  ABC News picked Miss Abby as their “Person of the Week” last Friday ~ the youngest featured person yet.  One of the most magical parts of Abby is she will forever remain three years old!  […]

  16. Norma says:

    I would love an “abby cadabby ” doll to give to my 2 yr old granddaughter Katelyn. Does anyone know when the merchandising for Abby will be out?

  17. Kittie says:

    OMG! Abby Cadabby is sooo cute. My first granddaughter is coming in Dec. Her name is Abigail Jean. I am a crafter who coincidentally makes fairy wands. So I will have my very own Abby Cadabby. Of course Miss Abigail Jean will have Abby Cadabby everything when it becomes available. Congratulations to all the other new moms and grammas. Welcome Abby Cadabby!

  18. Karen says:

    I now have a new favorite Muppet. I fell in love with Abby when I saw her picture in People Magazine. How adorable! I hope they have an Abby stuffed toy.

  19. mimi kirshy says:

    eeryone wantsto know when the dollis going to be sold could you give us an idea when and where it will be sold and also where on line it will be sold and be purchase thank you

  20. Melissa says:

    Please let me know if you find out when the Abby Cadabby doll will be available. I would like to get one for my daughter Abby.

  21. Terry says:

    I have a grand daughter that will be 3 in Feb. Her name is abby. I have to get her a doll for Christmas. Where can I get one?

  22. sally says:

    I so hope abby will be available soon- she is adorably and will be in the hearts of many-many little girls- I have a granddaughter Abigail- she will love to love Abby !!

  23. I love Abby. There are plenty of male mupets and /or tomboy type muppets. and why can’t girls be girly anyway? do we gender neutralize the boys? Girls can be feminine and smart. I came on here because i too am looking for the doll when it comes out. and I have 3 grown sons!! Do have a grandchild on the way though . . . or for me. 🙂

  24. Marjie Ismail says:

    The boys on the street need a little more magic. Abby is a pure delight! Good for you developers and researchers of this character.

  25. mimi kirshy says:

    please ry to find out when the plush abby doll is going to be sold or any idea when or who to get in touch with to find out, thanks mimi kirshy

  26. Kim says:

    After a few emails I finally received a reply from someone of authority at Global Toys. He stated that Abby’s presence will increase on the show over the next year and that they expect her to be included in their toy line in the fall of 2007, putting and end to the rumor of Christmas of this year. Disappointing but at least it is a definitive answer.

  27. I have always enjoyed the Sesame Street puppets, but recently saw the new Tickle me Elmo….THEN saw this positively ADORABLE new Abby Cadabby on The View, when Rosie O’Donnell was introducing her little girl to Abby. Well, I might get one for my great granddaughter, but I simply MUST own one for ME as well!! The new Tickle Me Elmo is also on my ‘must have’ list!! I must be going through a second childhood at 62, because I also just recently bought a funny remote control ‘farting’ bear, as well as a sleeping bear that snores when you touch it, and his belly goes up and down while he (or she) snores. ALL just toooo cute!!!
    I will keep checking your website to see ‘when’ Abby can be purchased…..and hopefully ‘where.’ I have enjoyed your website and also reading other people’s comments. This is my first ‘blog’ comment ever!! : )
    Best Wishes,
    Joan Wear/Nashville, TN USA

  28. Judy Williams says:

    I’m ready to order the Abby doll for my granddaughter, too! I hope she will be cuddly and not have wires and a talking device.

  29. Char Murphy says:

    Has anyone found the Abby Cadabby doll? I have been on the Internet, called Walmart and Toys R Us and no one has her. My 8 month old granddaughter is named Abby and I have to find one for her. Can anyone give me any suggestions.
    Thank you

  30. Patricia A Burke says:

    please ignore prior e-mail, too many misspellings and I was in a hurry and didn’t get to say what I really wnated to. I, again am asking for a date when this doll will be available, it seems like adding a comment does not work, we all want an answer, I am trying to get this for a friend whose granddaughter is also named ABBY like quite a few of the others listed in their comments. I have been looking since November, this is getting quite ridiculous. does this doll really exist? or is it just to get the public excited over nothing? an answer for us please, one way or another, it is only fair to us.!!!!!!!

  31. Nicole says:

    It will be available in July of this year and has a selling price of only $14.99. It will be issued by Fisher Price.. someone showed me the ad from a magazine. It was cut out so I don’t know which magazine it was in. But I saw it with my own 2 eyes. lol

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