Lost: Apollo Bars

Coming soon to a special pre-Season 3 Lost event near you: Apollo Bars!

The tour, the Apollo Bars and the website seem like a concerted effort on the part of the producers to bring the alternate reality game, The Lost Experience, closer to the show.

The official Apollo Bars site gives away one slight clue (to me at least), a hot air balloon. Could M. David Benson, creator of the Apollo Bar, be on the island.

No real idea if the site is meant to directly tie to The Lost Experience, but the idea of actual dark chocolate Apollo Bars being unveiled next month in “key markets” of Lost viewers is a great idea.

  • NYC
  • Philly
  • Chicago
  • LA
  • SF
  • DC

Plus, fake ads a la The Hanso Foundation:

Viral and Buzz marketing plus candy. Brilliant!

[Via Candy Addict]

One thought on “Lost: Apollo Bars

  1. Nick says:

    I was noticing some numbers on the site. The Enjoy by date of the bar that is in the background is Oct 23rd, 2006. I wonder if something will happen then. Maybe a part of the Lost Experience. It’s a Monday, so I doubt they’d do anything show related. Maybe another guest appearance on a T.V. show? It is kind of soon for an expiration date, don’t you think?

    Also the upc of the bar is 185192. I’m wondering if maybe those numbers mean something too?

    Anyways, I love the blog, I love the stuff on Lost. Keep up the good work.

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