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So last Saturday, as our anniversary celebration, Jenn and I saw two movies, one of which we paid for, the other a “freebie”.

First – and I’m actually a little embarassed to admit this – Step Up (the movie we paid to see):

The Good:

  • Dancers as Actors
  • Much better than it sounds, because producers focused on the steps and not the story.

    Again, I realize that sounds backwards, but so many of these movies get stuck in the predictable plodding pace of the story and forget about the montages.

    Plus, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are accomplished performers, dancers and actors who hadn’t “hit” before this film.

  • Stunt Casting
  • Rachel Griffiths
    Heavy D

  • Dancing and Music
  • This movie gets its audience (potentially not me, but I still liked it).

The Bad:

  • Blue Steel
  • Channing Tatum’s face is a mix of Blue Steel and the skulking sulk Eminem wears in 8 Mile.

  • The Death Sequence
  • The one really trite moment in the film, the trope-y death of the best friend’s younger brother.

  • Alyson Stoner
  • Why did this girl only have ONE dance scene?

The second, more reasonably-priced move: The Devil Wears Prada

The Good:

The Bad:

  • Adrian Grenier‘s grooming habits
  • Cut your hair, pluck your eyebrows and find a good cosmetic dentist.

  • The “Fashion”
  • Just the runway stuff. Sorry Patricia Fields.

  • Simon Baker
  • Great as a Zombie hunter, only so-so as a skirt-chaser.

There you have it.

I’d like to remind everyone that I saw these movies willingly as a part of my 7th wedding anniversary, so I’m not gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

3 thoughts on “Double Header

  1. I thought I saw Rachel Griffiths’ mug in the Steo Up promos. Thanks for the confirmation. [I’m much too lazy to type in “imdb” for this one.] There’s just about no way [short of a nekkid Jakey or something] I’d go see a movie in which the premise seems to be prettygirl ballerina and hunky janitor [at her own school, it seems!] fall in love. Really? I can imagine that young girls love the idea of Channing Tatum as their janitor and old pervy janitors love the idea of having young girls fawn over them, though.

    Hilarious on the “blue steel” reference. Tatum does seem to have “a look”. Sure, it’s a good one but it’s just one.

    And I’d like to remind anyone that I’m not hetero. [Not that there’s anything wrong with you people. Mostly.]

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