Dear Thief

Dear Thief,

I was going to start off my post “Dear Asshole” but in all likelyhood you’re just some undereducated opportunist and not an asshole by my definition.

You are, however, a thief. A camera thief to be exact.

At the garage sale this weekend a digital camera of ours was stolen right underneath our noses.

It’s actually somewhat of a blessing – not the theft, but which camera. You see we’d misplaced our newer camera, the Canon SD500, and were using the older Minolta DImage F100.

Had we been using the new camera, we’d only have the old one left.

Now, at least, we’ve found the Canon but are still out the Minolta.

I still think you might possibly be an asshole, but we’re bigger assholes for leaving it accessible in the garage during the sale.

The only real loss – since the camera had depreciated and only I used it for my goofy Flickr stuff – are the photos of the sale.

Live and learn, I guess. Still, it feels icky to have something stolen from your own house (well, garage) while you were there.

Oh, and if you read this email and feel some remorse or regret, at least email me the pictures.

You asshole.

Er, thief.



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