Scrubs and puppet music

Per TV Squad, it looks like Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx – the guys behind Avenue Q – are writing music and lyrics for “a very special episode” of Scrubs.

The quotes are mine, meant to mimic mid-90’s WB promo voiceovers. Funny?

In any event, here’s the description of the episode, via Playbill:

Debra Fordham, a supervising producer for the television series, told that Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx will write several songs for a musical episode of the series that she is currently writing. “The general plot,” said Fordham, “is that a woman comes into Sacred Heart, our hospital, complaining that she constantly hears music, yet all her tests come back normal. Is she just crazy? Or is something else going on?”

The Q duo will write “the big opening number, the act break and the finale. The fourth one is a song about a stool sample!” The episode is scheduled to film in October and should air some time in spring 2007.

Sounds perfectly zany. Can’t wait.

Though I would’ve appreciated puppets. Maybe that’s an idea for a later episode.

I’m waiting with bated breath.

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