Go Dawgs!

I don’t have the wild confidence in this year’s UGA football team that I’ve had in years past, mostly because the offense has been so ineffective.

The defense is playing excellently and if Mark Richt can ever decide on a consistent starter at QB or RB, the offensive line should gel a bit and make the whole unit run smoother.

That said, I’m more than a little nervous that Tennessee is going to blow the doors off the Dawgs this weekend. Call it kismet or fate or bad play just catching up with Georgia.

Richt is 4 – 1 against Tennesse, but lost a close game in Athens to the Vols two years ago.

As Rusty has pointed out (linking to Jim Donnan no less) this game will likely feature a big special teams (kicking) play that determines the outcome. It just seems like the way Richt v. Fulmer/UGA v. Tenn has played out.

I don’t want to seem too down or doom and gloom, so here’s a Photo Gallery and 20 Questions feature on Georgia cheerleader Christine Conley from SI.com.

Hunker Down You Hairy Dawgs!

Beat Tennessee!

Go Dawgs! Sic ‘Em!

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