Not exactly self-deprecation?

Self-deprecation, via Wikipedia:

Self-deprecation is a form of humour in which a comedian makes jokes about himself or his culture. The boundaries for this kind of humour are often more relaxed.


Many comedians use self-deprecating humor to avoid seeming arrogant or pompous, and to help the audience identify with them.

Granted, I’m going to link to other people making fun of my employer, TBS, but I think they give us a good shot. I’m tempted to say “very funny” here, but I’ll resist.

This whole post reminds me of a discussion from last night’s episode of Studio 60, but I’ll refrain there as well.

Without further exposition, two links that find humor in my daily grind. Enjoy!

The Onion: TBS Once Again Leads All Networks In Leslie Nielsen Ratings

Cracked: Lost Calls to the TBS Funny Hotline

So there you have it, not exactly self-deprecation, but I think laughing at other people making fun of you is at least polite and shows character.

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