You know I don’t want to be trite or puerile, but Wednesdays suck.

I shouldn’t say that. This Wednesday sucks.

Hell, today sucks.

Actually, my sickness has passed (thank you, NyQuil), I’m not overly anxious about turning 30 (Beware the Ides of October!) and I’m going to drink beer with co-workers tonight (Thank you, Atlanta Brewing Company). Things seem great.

So why the long face and depressed type? I guess I just feel a good mope coming on.

I’ve got lingering back pain from basketball yesterday, I’m busy and stressed at work and I can just feel myself not wanting to give anymore.

Why is it that when I want to validate my life, my choices, my passions I feel the least inspired? And why am I stuck on the milestone of birthdays when I don’t even recognize or value my age any other time of the year?

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