10 Percent

I don’t know any particularly hilarious or appropriate jokes about tithing – giving 10% of your income to the church – other than this anecdote:

I have a friend from work who attended a Sunday School class where the topic of discussion was wheter or not a person’s tithe should be 10% of their gross income or their net income.

The folks in the class came down on the gross, pre-tax side. Hardcore!

So this afternoon’s linkfest involves some permutations of 10 Percent as a concept.

First, Steve Rubel cites the fact that only 10% of people contribute online. The rest are just lurkers.

Second, Scott (Dilbert) Adams admits that he fails 90% of the time and usually when he ought to succeed.

Doing the math, I’ve got the following theorom for figuring out how many people create compelling content for the internet:

1% rule:
If 10% of all people contribute and 10% of that is the GOOD stuff, only 1% of all people contribute good stuff.

I’m calling it The Miller Equation.

Happy Friday!

One thought on “10 Percent

  1. The 1% rule could just reduce to, say, 25% of the 10%ers who actually contribute which would make it so that only 0.25% of all people contribute good stuff. Heavy, huh?

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