Thoughts and Prayers

Please keep my paternal grandfather, Norm Miller, in your thoughts and prayers today.

He went into the hospital over the weekend and they found a mass in his colon and an aneurysm of some kind.

The man is already dealing with Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, Diabetes and Prostate Cancer, he doesn’t need this, especially around the holidays.

My dad drove all night from Newnan, GA to Niles, MI to be with him and my grandmother at the hospital and I’ll update when I know more.

Please, just say a little something for my Grampa today. He and I would really appreciate it.

UPDATE 12/5: My Grandfather is currently in surgery to repair his aortic aneurysm.

UPDATE 12/7: Sorry for the blog silence. First surgery went better than expected, if slightly longer. Next surgery is tentatively set for a week from today, so 12/14.

Thank you SO MUCH for all the heartfelt support.

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