The T-Shirt Rules

After reading Seth Godin’s latest blog entry on t-shirts, brands and popularity I got to thinking about the kinds of pop culture emblems I was wearing, purchasing for others, or coveting for Christmas.

High on the list and in my mind is the “Dick in a Box” t-shirt from Busted Tees. Barely 48 hours after the SNL Digital Short of the same name they’d distilled a set of instructions from the lyrics into a piece of wearable hipness.

I want one badly. I may have to order tonight to ensure I get one early enough in 2007 to still be relavant. Things move so quickly on the internet.

Half of my Christmas wish-list was t-shirts, distilled from an ongoing “tshirt” tag I’ve been cultivating on my account for a few years. Two shirts I actually received as gifts, the Lebowski Abide shirt and the Intramural Zombie Hunter shirt, came from this source.

A few I didn’t get but will definitely purchase now that my wallet is fat with holiday cash:

Plus, I got a very cool Dooce shirt for Jenn. Support your internet/local blogger, that’s my motto.

Maybe I’ll start selling shirts again soon. Or contribute to Threadless.

Or just wear one of these shirts.


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