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Does anyone have a good recommendation on protecting your iPod, aside from the Apple-approved/groovy-colored iPod socks?

We’ve been using socks for a while and while they’re great for storage/travel, they’re not ideal for actual use, especially with an FM tuner, car charger or fast food-smudged fingers.

We use our “extra” socks (who needs 5?) as a cover for our Canon SD500 camera. Nice.

So we ended up buying an iFrogz cover for our iPod (20 gig/4th gen) and the new video iPod Jenn’s dad got for Xmas. Saying we’re less than impressed would be an understatement.

The sticker that covers the scroll/click wheel is laughable, the protective see-through plate won’t stick to the iPod’s face and bubbles and the plastic sheath doesn’t allow for us to plug in our FM tuner, even with the “bandz” removed. Poor, poor, poor.

But what option to chose instead?

foofpod looks like a prettier, non-Apple sock.

iSkin seems like the iFrogz, save for their “claro” model which looks like one of those underwater kits you’d buy for a digital camera. Not cool.

And Apple makes their own gel-like cover, but I’m wary of that too.

What do you, oh internets, suggest (save for buying something leather, guh!).

Maybe I’ll just make a paper cover and be done with it.

All I want is something as stylish as the iPod itself that allows for full functionality without resorting to knitted products (the socks) or something leather like you’d use for a cellphone.

Help me, please.

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  1. You bought the socks? Wow! When I saw the price I went to Old Navy and bought infant socks, 2 for $1.49. I use one to cover my point-and-shoot camera.

    For my 4G 20GB iPod I bought a FlexSkin from Boxwave. It wasn’t perfect but was the best solution I found.

    What I like even better for iPod travel protection is a product that apparently cannot be bought — the sleeve / sheath that comes with the 5G iPod w/video. It’s slender (which allows me to place products into my front pants oockets) and also happens to be the perfect case for my Samsung BlackJack phone as well. I went into the Apple Store to try and buy one and they told me that they do not sell them. I suppose that they would know…

  2. Best Skins Ever – thin clear wraps that protect the iPod without adding any bulk. The girlfriend and I have had them for 6 months now, with zero scratches and zero problems. They’re dirt cheap too.

    My other favorite is the Agent 18 ClickShield. It’s a bit pricier at $25, but it’s a solid, well built hard case, yet it’s slim and fits closely to the iPod’s size.

    Oh and the Speck iSkin cases aren’t made by Apple, they’re made by Speck. Apple just sells them on their site. I’m not a big fan of the gel/rubber cases, as they seem to attract dust and pocket lint like magnets.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I think the Boxwave will work the best for my situation, but if I had the new 5G video iPod, I’d be buying the Best Skins Ever.

    ClickShield is also an option, depending on what the wife likes best.

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