New Year, New Sites

So it’s 2007 and while I don’t have a list of resolutions or a recap of my best posts of 2006, I do have an ever-growing list of sites that either just sprung up or I just became aware of.

Here’s the list of cool new places I’ll be visiting in 2007 and some old favorites I vow to use more. Okay, so that’s almost a resolution, but not quite.

  • Kongregate
  • A casual flash games site that works a bit like YouTube and a bit like Threadless.

    Might be better than KDice/Dice Wars, but we’ll see.

  • GMaps Flight Tracker
  • A pure mashup of Google Maps and publicly-available flight data from FBOWeb.

  • Flight of the Undead
  • It’s like Snakes on a Plane, only it’s a black-and-white weekly-updated webcomic with zombies.

  • A Tourist Map of Gotham
  • Just because I’m a Batman Geek.

  • Virb
  • The New MySpace? I have no idea, they won’t give me a beta account.

    Any help?

  • Placeblogger
  • Local blogging index that is all over the blogosphere today.

    The Atlanta Metblog is there and I keep trying to submit ATL Bloggers/APWBWGTTD, but that site is down.

Oh, my “try to use more” sites? Flickr (for obvious reasons like my new Nikon D80) and (I’ve got to get a music widget on this site post [or pre] re-design.

Happy New Year and happy surfing!

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