Tickle Me Elmo on Fire

Potentially more disturbing than the grainy phone camera video of Saddam’s hanging, it’s Tickle Me Elmo on Fire.

[Via MeFi]

Although it’s not likely to cause the kind of stir the Saddam execution has – especially concerning the hooded executioners, the rush to the hangman’s noose and the taunting – if you’re under 6 it’s terrifying.

Heck, I’m 30 and Elmo’s incendiary laughter made me nearly wet myself.

One thought on “Tickle Me Elmo on Fire

  1. Meth Elmo…

    BoingBoing is linking to an interesting story about Meth being smuggled inter-state via Elmo dolls:
    We start with a bust that somehow eluded me, of an alleged meth trafficking ring that had the gall to recruit Sesame Street’s Elmo to smuggle its …

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