Meth Elmo

BoingBoing is linking to an interesting story about Meth being smuggled inter-state via Elmo dolls:

We start with a bust that somehow eluded me, of an alleged meth trafficking ring that had the gall to recruit Sesame Street’s Elmo to smuggle its dastardly dope. The Elmo dolls each held as much as 4 pounds of meth, which were smuggled by a Latino gang from California to Colorado, according to the feds. The fellow in the suit, holding the suspect below, is Jeffrey Sweetin, special agent in charge of the DEA’s Rocky Mountain Field Division. Sources say the muppet was presumed armed and dangerous.

Meth Elmo

At least he wasn’t on fire like that other Elmo doll.

And someone should the DEA know about this Meth Coffee stuff as well.

If Meth Coffee seems too harsh or addictive, try a round of Coffee Breaker, a game I produced for

Have a happy, meth-y, Elmo-y, coffee-y day-y.

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