Erratic Behavior

Tuesday evening was the watershed time-frame for erratic behavior on Raelyn’s behalf.

She’s had a few flare-ups the last couple of weeks, but leaving daycare last night was an experience, to say the least. What started out as a normal request to put on her hat ended in a screaming fit, a chase through the hallway and Raelyn being carried, kicking and screaming, straight into the car.

The fight continued as Jenn had to forcibly strap Rae into her carseat and we spent the better part of the next 20 minutes listening to her crying and hollering slowly subside. Thank God for U2 and Jack Johnson on the radio or the car would have exploded from all the pent up pressure and noise.

We went out to dinner afterwards – our mistake – and Rae nearly fell asleep in her Mac N Cheese. Poor kid was running a fever, rundown and basically running on empty emotionally. We think she’s just starting to internalize the fact that she won’t be an only child much longer and her frustration and uncertainty is manifesting itself as weird bouts of anger, apropos of nothing.

She passed out last night and still wasn’t feeling well this morning so Jenn is at home today nursing her back to physical and emotional health. Hopefully all she needs is some chicken soup a little Tylenol and the reassurances (which we’ve been talking about all along) that she’s still a great kid and wonderful daughter and always will be.

I was nearly in tears last night seeing how tired, sick and spent she seemed. Seeing her even a bit brighter this morning and hearing that she’s resting well today have me smiling.

Hopefully she’ll be happy and healthy by July when she’s a big sister.

*fingers crossed*

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