Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew on the loose

Beaker and Bunsen Honeydew haven’t run away, per se, but they are planning a trip.

Seems as though Disney is busy readying a Muppet Mobile Lab feature for their California Adventures park as a part of a larger “Living Characters Initiative”.

Jim Hill got his hands on a photo of the accident-prone pair taken tooling around a parking lot.

Muppet Mobile Lab

Some details on the unit:

Given Beaker’s limited vocabulary (I.E. He only speaks in “Meeps”), Dr. Bunsen Honeydew had to do most of the talking. And the routine that he’d do would typically start off with the good doctor first complimenting the party guest on their outfit (“That’s a lovely ensemble you wearing. It wouldn’t — by chance — be flame retardant, would it?”), then try & cajole them into taking part in a field experiment for Muppet Labs.

I haven’t been to any of Disney’s California parks, but this might pique my interest enough to make a stop.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Muppet Mobile Lab…

    In the wild at Pixar, no less, the Muppet Mobile Lab.
    Mentioned previously on Mostly Muppet Dot Com.
    Seen on Flickr.
    Reported by The Disney Blog.
    Found on antikewl daily.
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