Super Sunday?

So the game was soggy, Indy scored more points (but it was obvious they shoulda/coulda/woulda scored more) and sloppy, rain-soaked turnovers and flubs won the day.

And I haven’t even gotten to how disappointing most of the ads were!

GoDaddy’s offering seemed limp (and yes, I know they had rejected ads); Toyota’s truck ads were interesting, but not funny, Coke had some memorable spots but the rest, save most of Bud’s efforts, were forgettable.

I did like that Snickers ad, though. Hilarious.

And I liked most of the “user generated” ads. Turns out regular joes are funnier than Madison Avenue, just like blogs versus journalists.

Tons of sites have the spots today. Here’s a rundown:


If you want to go direct to the source for most of the night’s funniest ads, check out the newly-minted Bud.TV

If you want an actual assortment of great, humorous ads you probably haven’t seen or wouldn’t mind seeing, check out (shameless plug).

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