Pre-Lost post on Lost

I’m at it again: thinking about Lost when I should be working. Go figure.

Here’s some tidbits to put in your noggin before tonight’s episode airs. Go ahead. I don’t mind you clicking away; I encourage it.

  • Two ‘Lost’ crew members die of apparent heart attacks
  • Much like those pesky drunk driving arrests that resulted in character deaths/actor dismissals (it didn’t actually), these deaths are spooky eerie.

    [Via TV Squad]

    Best comment from the site:

    I hear the conditions on the set can be quite trying. 4 of the actors had to wait 8 hours for lunch because it took the 15 writers 16 hours to finish the next scene while 23 extras were crammed into a 42 foot trailer.

  • Yahoo! Answers tackles the question “What do you believe the monster in ‘Lost’ really is?”
  • There are currently 8293 responses and the thread seems like it was legitimately started by Lindelof and Cuse (or another producer).

    I don’t have time to read all the answers or offer my own myriad takes (nanobots? living nightmare?) but I wonder whether or not the “winner” will be accurate or just another trick.

    [Via The Disney Blog]

  • Leaving “Lost” Limbo
  • Some thoughts on how to improve “Lost” from its perceived slump.

    Personally, I think the first two episodes of season 3b have been fantastic and if they keep up this pace/arc every fan should be happy.

    That said, I like their points about “remember the magic of the first season” (which I think they’re doing, but it’s hard to achieve) and I also think we should see more Lostaways together as a unified group, fighting the island and not themselves/one another.

    [Via The Disney Blog]

YMMV, obviously, but some interesting bits of information to consider before watching tonight.

Recap post before Midnight.

Until then.

4 thoughts on “Pre-Lost post on Lost

  1. I couldn’t disagree more with that video mashup auteur. What “magic” has Lost lost since season one? Does he/she mean the fact that we knew next to nothing about any of them for the majority of the season? Or the fact that we have multiple run-ins with a monster but never ever get to see it? Or that Locke seems like a powerful character but then reveals himself to be an impotent follower to any ideology waltzed in front of him? Please. I think that video was for the most part the same kind of insulting “I know better than the producers”, Comic book guy(tm) cud that the blogosphere cows have been chewing on since season two. Lost doesn’t need to return to season one anymore than you and I need to return to third grade because we really liked it and it was easy. [Which Lost wasn’t, but hopefully you see my point.] Anyhow, I think the “slump” will correct itself because viewers will admit that the show still rocks the cock.

    I’m still trying to figure out what to think about Des’s “flashback” now that Damon and Carlton officially state that it _wasn’t_ a flashback. What other options are there now besides him actually having gone back in time? Or the alternate timeline?

  2. You’re right, RSL, it is a little sophomoric but the fans who feel this way represent (in my mind) some of those core SF/Mystery fans who would like this show even if it were Farscape or Briscoe County (another Carlton Cuse show).

    I certainly don’t agree with everything, but there’s a nugget of truth about pacing and a certain type of storytelling that Lost needs to remember and embrace, which I think they’re doing in 3b.

    Either way, to each his own, b/c I think they’re missing some other cool narrative devices, plotlines and story elements by slagging the show. Nuff said.

    As for Desmond, I think it’s time travel, plain and simple.

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