Happy Frisky Dingo!

I’m a big fan of Frisky Dingo, but it wasn’t always that way. Until recently, I’d avoided the show because of the title and the because I’d jumped into the middle of the episode “Blind Faith” or “The Odd Couple” and the sight of a naked Xander Crews/Barnaby Jones clinging to Killface was too much for my feeble mind to handle.

In any event, fellow Atlanta blogger Robert contacted me about a birthday gift for his wife that involved Adam (the voice of Killface and Xander) calling her up on her birthday. Simple enough.

I know Christian (AKA Clunky Robot and an illustrator on the show) through his blog and his many Flickr photos of Dad’s Garage folks (where I took a class last Summer) so I would ask him, he would ask Adam and then, through luck, Adam would coordinate with Robert and call Caroline. Phew.

So after the initial rounds of email and kissyface, I set about watching all the Frisky Dingo episodes I could – which happened to be all of them; thank you, YouTube – and then I put Robert directly in touch with Christian.

Long story short (too late) everything worked out and copied below is Mr. Kimberly’s very nice email to all the players:

Hi Seth, Christian and Adam,

I wanted to thank all of you for making my wife’s birthday one to remember.

This morning I drop my wife off to work telling her specifically that
she will be getting a surprise birthday call. And the call was made!
Adam called her… only to have her hang up thinking he was a


So, I get there and she says, “Did you have Killface call me? I
thought it might have been a telemarketer. He didn’t know how to
pronounce my name.” She thought it was just this prerecorded thing
where they just stick a name in, like she heard about from some other

That thing was Samuel L. Jackson for a “Snakes on a Plane’ promotion.

“No, sweetie, this was something special from Frisky Dingo.” I call
Adam back and he kindly started from the beginning. After the call
she said, “My face hurts from laughing so much.”

Thank you very much:

Seth for getting me in touch with Christian,
Christian for passing this along to Adam,
and Adam for taking the effort to do Killface.

We will never be able to watch FD with thinking of today. And I will
never, ever try to do something like this again. Hanging up on
Adam?… jeeze Caroline, come on!

Thanks again,

Rob Kimberly

A couple of asides:

  • IMDB lists Christian as the voice of Phil, but I’m fairly certain Mike Bell of 790 The Zone is just doing his Skip Carey impersonation for that one. Christian voices Simon, if I’m not mistaken.
  • When I worked at The Red and Black while at UGA, Frisky Dingo animator Mack Williams drew the editorial cartoons, though I doubt he remembers me.
  • Read The Making of Frisky Dingo to get an idea of what you’re missing.
  • Boosh!

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