A.J. Bowen

Rather than ape the last two posts by the fabulously talented and shaggily bearded A.J. Bowen – because he has the video and you might as well see it by clicking that last link – here’s a picture of him from the SAGIndie event at Sundance.

a.j. bowen

Originally uploaded by sagindie.

My relationship to SAG is that my networks air their awards show. A.J is actually a card-carrying member (I think) and is poised for rocketship superstardom once The Signal gets wide release this Summer.

In the meantime, give the man some kudos. He’s got a sexier beard than mine or Justin Timberlake’s (and I saw JT in concert last night).

Aside: 11 Alive here in Atlanta had a story on the filmmakers on their late local news on Monday, but I can’t find it online. I’ve got it TiVo’d but if anyone has a digital copy, I’d love to post it here (just so I can have exclusive A.J. video that the man himself doesn’t have).

One thought on “A.J. Bowen

  1. lewis denton says:

    dang that feller is frickin’ handsome.
    (thanks for being my publicist!!!!!!)
    beers in the atl when i get there again. on me.

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