Friday “To Do”

I’m struggling with an actual post today, so here are a few links and notes concerning things percolating inside my own head.

I want to do one of my ‘separated at birth’ posts comparing Rebecca Pidgeon and Lysette Anthony, but I wonder who would care and if they really are all that similar. It’s those bug eyes and British accents, man!

I really want to buy this cheap 2GB SD card, but I don’t know why. Jenn doesn’t either. Maybe it’s the security of knowing we’ll have backup storage? Nah, I just want to take pictures in RAW and get published in JPG (how’s that for cognitive dissonance through acronyms?).

I’m bookmarking a pr0n site for two reasons:

  1. “Personal use”
  2. “Research” for my upcoming series on newbies in World in Warcraft
  3. I’ll use the site as a nice, humorous foil. 😉

That’s all I’ve got for today. That insomnia from a few nights ago is catching up to me.

Happy Friday!

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