Monday Malaise

I really don’t want to blog today.

I had an inkling of a glimmer of a little bit of desire over the weekend, but I didn’t write anything down so I’m starting from scratch.

And speaking of weekends, I don’t like doing those “weekend recap” posts just to meet some arbitrary quota. Sure, I’d love to blog everyday, but if I miss a Saturday or a Sunday, I don’t want to spend all of my free cycles on Monday writing “make up” blog posts.

This isn’t grade school and I don’t need blogging homework.

That said, I feel you should get something for your trouble. A link or an anecdote or a story (or even a recap of the weekend).

Here are some links to apologize for my lull:

Enjoy your Monday more than me (it’ll be easy). And if you read Kottke, I’m sorry. I’m stealing most of my links from him so why not ape his blog.


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