What TiVo Hath Wrought

An actual, polite dinner conversation between myself and Raelyn this evening.

Raelyn: It’s ruining my life.

Me: What?

Raelyn: These commercials are ruining my life!

Me: What?!

Raelyn: Commercials have always ruined my life!!

Me: What?!?!

You see that? Even though Mom & Dad both work in the cable television business, the TiVo has trained the child that commercials are evil.

I don’t know whether to be deeply ashamed or profoundly happy.

Oh, and I explained to her that “ruined my life” wasn’t exactly nice to say. She stood firm, though and I kind of respect her for it.

One thought on “What TiVo Hath Wrought

  1. That is fuckin’ priceless. I love it when kids blurt out these totally melodramatic, adult lines and do it with complete earnestness. You can’t get better theater!

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