Tales of a WoW n00b

If the title of today’s post makes no sense, you’re not alone. Until very recently I wasn’t involved with the MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) World of Warcraft (WoW), but now that I am, I’m a n00b.

I first posted about wanting to play in January, when I’d purchased a 14-day Free Trial disc from Best Buy. I’ve now been playing for about a week and my exploits are recorded on the Azeroth Metroblog for all to see.

Tales of a Wow n00b: Day 1
Tales of a Wow n00b: Day 2
Tales of a Wow n00b: Day 3

It’s been a wild ride thus far, at times frustrating, but also richly rewarding and always fun.

The commenters on the blog posts and the players in-game have been great and if you’re thinking of taking the plunge, I can give you a cautionary thumbs up. Be prepared to enjoy it so much you can’t stop playing, even when it gets difficult (either the grind or the frustration).

Happy Friday!

Aside: I really should have titled those post (and this one) “Confessions of a WoW n00b” since I’m less Chaucer and more US Weekly, but whatever.

One thought on “Tales of a WoW n00b

  1. So far, I’ve successfully avoided playing WoW. I had a serious MUD addiction back in junior high and early high school, and now that I’m back in college, I don’t want to repeat that with WoW (to the detriment of my grades).

    Oh, but it’s so tempting! I’m not taking any summer classes this year, so I think I’ll sign up in May, when my semester ends.

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