JPG Mag Submission(s)

So a while back I blogged about JPG Magazine and now I’ve gone and submitted some photos.

Now I’ve been a TOTAL slacker in regards to Flickr lately which I’ll chalk up to my new PC, Jenn’s pregnancy and getting the house ready for sale, but JPG Magazine has me re-energized.

Please take a look at my submissions and vote on them if you deem them worthy of getting published (or you just like me a lot).

I promise I’ll try to add more pictures to both sites in the near future.

Enjoy these photos AND your weekend

My entry for the theme “Entropy”

My entry for the theme “Breakthrough”

If I’m lucky one (or both) of these photos will end up in issue 10. Vote now!

And I don’t even think these are two of my best pictures, they just happen to fall in line with this issue’s themes.

Besides, there’s always next issue, right?

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    A while back I blogged about getting my free issue of JPG Magazine in the mail and I’ve mentioned trying to gain inclusion for my works in said tome as well.
    Now, after a week off of work and hundreds of spectacular photos taken, I found out that…

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