Lost: One of Us

I want to start out with an apology to all the folks who regularly read these recaps. The past several weeks have not been my best work and I hope to rectify that situation tonight.

First off, I hope all the haters and “no direction/no plan” folks got a hefty dose of crow tonight. So much for just making it up as they go along.

Second, how great is the tension of the interplay between master manipulator Other Ben and his minions with our fair Losties? Brilliant, especially tonight.

On to the thoughts:

  • Juliet the Mole
  • Those of you playing at home who had this called last week, my hat’s off to you.

    I had Jack as the Mole myself. I still think he might know more about Ben’s plans because, like Juliet, he too wants off the island so badly.

    I loved the last scene, but how much can ANYONE trust Juliet, even Ben? She was willing to kill one of her own to let Kate and Sawyer escape. She was willing to face the wrath of Jacob (Him?)

    I sure as shit don’t trust her, but I wonder if there’s a soul alive who does. One her own, indeed.

    Which also still leaves Sayid. I don’t think he’s been turned by The Others, but methinks he doth protest too much.

  • Goodwin and Ethan
  • I don’t personally buy Cruise-lite (Mapother) as Doctor Ethan, but that’s me. I’m equally and oppositely intrigued by Doctor Goodwin and his Juliet love affair.

    Still wondering whether the bookclub nonsense indicates a former love between Ben and Juliet. Did she sleep with him to get off the island? She’s not above any and all subterfuge, in my opinion.

    Also, do we believe that Ethan acted alone in the kidnapping? For that matter, how much of any of the flashbacks has later proved to be made up or false?

    I can only think of Desmond’s as an example of a not quite flashback, but I don’t honestly know if that counts.

    So: Goodwin as rebound lover and Ethan as nut-job lone gunman? I don’t necessarily buy that either.

    Additionally, where was Juliet when she found out Ana Lucia had killed Goodwin? Do you think Ben informed Juliet that Michael avenged Goodwin (and Juliet) by killing Ana Lucia? Was that part of Ben’s plan?

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  • Jacob
  • Him? Confirmed in an Official Lost Podcast? Leave a comment.

  • Sun’s pregnancy and Claire’s implant
  • Ok, I’ll cop to being officially confused here.

    Since she wasn’t really abducted by Others and I don’t recall her getting any kind of serum, is her pregnancy doomed to failure? Is her own life in peril?

    Or is communism just a red herring? Did the Island course correct for non-native pregnancies and is the implant in Claire the only danger?

    I really wish I knew, but that loop will be interesting to close.

    It just struck me that Rousseau had an unnatural attachment to the inoculations. Did she know about Claire’s implant? Is this further proof that Rousseau was part of the Others at some point?

    If the Island can cure Cancer and mend Locke (and potentially help Sun conceive), I think it’s negative effects must only extend to natives. Was Juliet herself trying to conceive with Goodwin or Ben?

    Are other island couples pregnant? Kate and Sawyer? Rose and Bernard?

  • Herarat, Mittelos, Hanso and Dharma
  • Anyone want to offer an Org chart here?

    Ok, so Mittelwork was part of Hanso that developed into the Dharma Initiative and his name is part of the research firm, Mittelos, that hired Juliet. I’m assuming Herarat Aviation falls into the shadow company somewhere too.

    I’m still conceptualizing a scenario of the island hostilities (and Hostiles) that involves some schism between factions within these intertwined organizations, but I’m willing to entertain other options.

    For instance, where does the “cleansing” fit into Juliet’s flashback timeline?

    I also wonder why some Others travel back and forth to/from the island so frequently, such as Richard Alpert. I realize he was spying on Juliet’s sister, but wouldn’t someone have noticed that kind of thing?

    Anyhow, I think there’s something to this new canonical organization that might lead to a discovery in the future. Just spit-balling.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten half the episode now, but those were my main questions. My notes are even worse and more disjointed, but the typing makes things better.

Couple more things:

Do we think Juliet is meeting up with Ben et al in a week or do we think they’re coming to the beach? My money’s on Locke cum Moses leading the Others to the Losties, but that’s just me.

I’d also love to see the Mole (Moles?) do some double-crossing. It’s not beyond the reach of Juliet (the known mole) or Sayid/Jack/Locke (the potential moles).

Hey, and is the Claire implant and near-death experience related to some rub-off effect of Charlie’s death mark?


3 thoughts on “Lost: One of Us

  1. Hunter Maxin says:

    Very busy at work, so one note for now:

    Juliet said (in flahsback) that the “problems” with pregnancy “begin at conception.” The female host (mother) turns on the disease (baby) right away, and the result is death for both.

    I believe I have that right.

    Claire’s successful pregnancy MAY indicate that the later in term the pregnant mother arrives on the island, the less opportunity there is for “disease.” It MAY also mean that conception previous to arrival would mean no disease at all.

    Follow up…when did Sun conceive? If it’s Jin, then we have an issue. If it’s the tutor, maybe not so much.

    We have a Jin/Sun flashback in the batting order for the final 7, so maybe we’ll see.


    …you’ve seen the batting order…and that it includes the DeGroots, right?

  2. Re: Moles. As much I’d truly love this… I can’t see American network teevee letting a series lead convert to the bad guys team. I think you’re dead on about Jules though. I’m 99.8 percent sure she’s going to double-cross Ben on this one. She might double-cross the Lostaways too but I’m sooooo almost certain she’s going to fuck Ben over.

    Re: Goodwin. I think he was the only one she was carnal with on the island. I could be wrong but I think this was the powers that be reminding us that _they’re_ the ones writing the story and not us. I could be wrong though.

    Re: Jacob. Is that a question about the confirmed in a podcast? I don’t remember it but my minds been fuzzy all week. Too much programming!

    Re: Locke bringing Ben to camp. That’s awesome. And it might explain part of the promo last night [where Sawyer hits Locke].

    @Hunter, if I hadn’t already accidentally read about the DG thing then I’d be sooooo pissed at you right now.

  3. Hunter Maxin says:

    I wrote SPOILER for one but not the other, so sorry

    an update on the batting order has it changed and no longer includes the DeGroots. Since I don’t want to piss anyone off, I won’t menton what the new order is.

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