Ideas I wish I’d thought of

I realize I’ve ended my post title in a preposition. Please deal.

Here are just a few Monday *cough* afternoon *cough* links that are so clever and interesting they’ve inspired my jealousy and keyboard.

  1. The MuppetCast
  2. All Muppets, All The Time Podcast about Muppets.

    So reverent and genuine and Muppetational, I’m really wishing I’d have done one.

    Of course, the Muppet URL mention here is fairly nominal (albeit loving) so I think I would run out of material, but I wish Steve the best of luck.

    Also, since I work for TBS/TNT, maybe I can help out on some Puppet Up material in the future.

    [Via TV Squad]

  3. zombieattack
  4. The coolest use of Twitter yet: micro-format storytelling.

    Original content for SMS too short? No way!

    Brilliant stuff, explained here.

    Not a tweeter yet? Get tweetr for twitter and add me and zombieattack.

    I really wish I had thought of writing for Twitter. Maybe I’ll start a project this weekend.

That’s all for today’s edition of “Covetous” with Seth Miller. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll do something interesting and let folks know about it.

Stay tuned to Twitter for more.

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