Blog To-Do

Spurred on by Amber’s recent switch to WordPress, here is my very own housecleaning blog post

  1. Optimize my CSS
  2. Got the idea a while ago, since I need to update my theme/layout, I might as well make the code lighter.

    Other ideas here.

  3. Be more proactive commenting
  4. I do a decent job of engaging folks here, a better job on the Metblog and I’m a poor citizen commenting elsewhere.

    Maybe I need Commentful.

  5. Post more to Flickr (and re-use more photos here).
  6. My Pro account is up on the 22nd and I’d love to get Jenn posting to my account or somehow make my username more inclusive, but we’ll see.

    Here’s a good Newbie Guide she should read (since she HATES the Flickr interface).

  7. Find a Metblog Co-Captain
  8. I need help. Applications accepted (even from non-Metblog authors).

    Atlanta, it seems, is not a one sheriff town.

  9. Integrate tools
  10. I post – and post often – to, Twitter and digg. I’ve tried to loop this blog into that chain previously. Still deciding how I’d do it (again) going forward.

Anyhow, just a brief blog Spring cleaning post.

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