Chewing Gum

Happy Birthday, Raelyn!

Today, April 26, 2007, Raelyn Michelle Miller turns 4 years old!

Her birthday precedes the 5th anniversary of this blog by only 3 days.

Anyhow, she’s no longer a “3 year older” in the parlance of our times, but a “4 year older”.

Recently, she’s had quite the obsession with gum. Candy as well – it was just Easter – but mostly gum.

We let her have it as a treat and she smacks it, mouth wide open, like a cow chewing cud. It’s both disgusting and incredibly funny. Plus, nothing makes you realize how grown up your kid is until they sass you while chewing gum. Brutal.

This morning she got surprised by flowers, balloons and flarp. Being a parent is cool.

The look on her face when she came into our bedroom – already fully dressed and smiling, by the way – was priceless. She was grinning ear to ear; beaming. She recounted how cool the balloons were and how high they hung and how pretty and bright the flowers were. Poor kid didn’t even notice the cake OR the flarp.

I have to say that in my wholly biased opinion she’s the greatest kid ever. Clever, funny, responsible and loving.

Happy Birthday, Raelyn. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter.

Tonight, you can chew all the gum you like!

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