Lost: D.O.C.

Date of conception. D.O.C.

Tonight’s episode of Lost, D.O.C. was merely average for me, but I do have some brief thoughts.

  • Date of conception/lies
  • Boy, the Kwon and Paik families are all about original sin, or at least original deception.

    No one, not Jin’s dad or his prostitute mother, have been straight with him so he marries a woman based on lies.

    And she lies for him. And she lies to him. And then they lie to/for each other some more.

    There is no date of conception for all this subterfuge. Not to quote Billy Joel, but they didn’t start the fire.

  • Juliet’s allegiances
  • I have SO MANY chicken scratch notes all in relation to Juliet this episode. From one scene to the next I found myself continually, like Sun, questioning her motivations.

    Much like RSL/Ostracons’ read on Ben Linus, I keep waiting to catch Juliet in a lie, but I can’t. I think she was sincerely concerned then happy for Sun.

    I also think – per my statement a few weeks back – that she’s waiting on an opportunity to double-cross Ben.

    She teared up at those 9 dead women and she was attentive to Sun, comforting her about the conception despite Sun just being happy it was Jin’s, so I believe in Juliet. I also just happen to believe that she is capable of doing anything to further her goal of getting off the island.

  • Purgatory
  • OK, let me state for the record that, much like Communism, Purgatory is a red herring.

    The multi-lingual Brazillian parachutist may be correct that the passengers of Flight 815 are dead in her time-stream. Or reality. Or dimension.

    The Producers have stated Purgatory IS NOT the answer (perhaps it’s the question). For whatever reason, I believe them.

    I think they’re stoking old fires, stirring up old questions, to make the season finale sweeter.

    We’ve been getting answers, so why not dangle this carrot in front of us.

    Plus, does anyone in their right mind believe Mikhail about the “thank you”? We clearly heard a woman’s name, Ana Ristoso. Lostpedia says the parachutist is named Naomi.

    UPDATE: A commenter claims to have heard the Greek phrase for thank you, so maybe I’m wrong. Still, purgatory is too obvious.

  • Charlie and Mikhail
  • Who else wanted to see Charlie die and the grizzled hands of Mikhail? Just me?

    Those yellow teeth of Mikhail’s versus the Gollum teeth of Charlie would be quite the dental bloodbath.

    UPDATE: Here’s where I forgot to point out both characters cheating death repeatedly. 😉

    Also, why would Mikhail bolt from that group of four? Did he fear capture? Did he know the woman? Does he own a toothbrush?

    Lastly, does anyone else doubt the eyepatch?

  • X Factor
  • You know, I already watch Heroes, so I don’t really need more mutants in my life, but the island as super serum or genetic hotbed is interesting.

    Protection from disease (a la Cancer, as Ben stated) is one thing, but a healing factor and increased sperm count is interesting.

    Was the Dharma Initiative creating some kind of master race as a counterpoint to their virus. They had a German genetecist. Mittelwerk == Mengele?

    UPDATE: What are the limits of the islands powers? Obviously folks can die, but how close can they come and still be saved (like Mikhail)?

I have more, but honestly, the bedroom TiVo ate this episode so we watched on the living room couch under a blanket. I took less notes and had more fun, but this show seemed like a precursor, a foreshadowing.

To recap: Juliet WILL double-cross someone, the Lostaways ARE NOT in Purgatory and I need sleep. So do you. Go to bed.

UPDATE: Sorry for the rolling updates. I really CAN blog decent recap/question posts, I’ve just lost my groove.

This season’s episodes have been so different, I’ve got to let them settle a while before I get really inquisitive.

9 thoughts on “Lost: D.O.C.

  1. My wife and I heard “efkharisto”, which is Greek for “thank you.” She could have been simply switching languages. But the woman’s name is interesting–I’d have to hear it again.

  2. Hunter Maxin says:

    Too many questions and not enough answers last night, but I mean that in good way.

    Are we to take from the final scene that Kate is pregnant…with Sawyer’s baby? Was their “trist” in the cage arranged/encouraged? With his super sperm count and there assume lack of protection, this is not far fetched.

  3. Listened to the Portuguese woman again, it’s definitely not “efkharisto.” Lostpedia says, “it sounds like “Eu não estou só” which is Portuguese (spoken with a Brazilian accent) for “I am not alone.”” That would explain Mikhail stealing the radio–to communicate with them.

  4. Hunter Maxin says:

    Re: Kate – I think it’s been 10-12 days.

    I’m not saying Kate knows. I’m not saying Kate is pregnant. I’m saying Juliet thinks she either could or should be pregnant.

  5. Brilliant deduction about Kate’s possible pregnancy by Sawyer. I was so concerned with Juliet’s state of mind and her hatred of Ben/desire to leave that I missed the obvious.

    I’d say too early for her to know she’s pregnant (and likely too early to accurately tell) but she could very likely be.

    @Brandon: interesting theory. Do we think he/she/they crashed into the ocean with the helicopter or also ejected?

  6. Cindy says:

    Really interesting points and connections, as always Seth! I just wanted to say that I’m with you that I believe the producers too that Lost is not Purgatory. And amid all these theories about quantum physics and alternate time lines, I just wanted to throw my own (not fully developed, I admit) theory. I think that the 815 survivors are in a room somewhere being brainwashed. for what ultimate purpose, I don’t know. Who are the players are feeding them the storyline, not totally sure on that one either, but my guess is that Ben, Alvar Hanso and Widmore are definitely in on it. Desmond is the one who is first seeing the cracks in the brainwashing. Take a look again at the remake of the Manchurian Candidate in 2004. The group of soldiers are held in an abondoned island facility where their brainwashing toakes place. The brainwashing conspiracy is fronted by a large shady corporation. Here’s the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Manchurian_Candidate_%282004_film%29
    Would love to hear your thoughts on this theory!

  7. Hunter Maxin says:

    Some final food for thought, even if just to keep in mind as we move forward…

    Sun’s 2 months to live – if true – still keeps her alive into Season 5, should we get that far (unless Lost suddenly pulls a Battlestar Galactica and jumps a year ahead in one episode).

    Michael & Walt & The world believing the Lostaways are all alrerady dead dead dead. Whether or not we EVER see Michael again (something tells me they’ll work it out for his return in Season 5 sometime, even just for an episode), he’s still headed for home. Let’s say he doesn’t give a rat’s patootie about saving his fellow Lostaways…he’s still going to want his life and name, right? At some point he’ll have to tell someone that the world has it wrong.

    Show of hands…if you survived the crash of flight 815, would it take you this long to organize a (for lack of a better word) government or formal community structure. It’s been 88 days. 88 days! And we still have JAck doing his thing, Kate hers, Sawyer his, Locke totally on his own, Sayid, and so on and so on. At some point, you’ve got to sit down and say, “Listen, I know this place is just about as F’d up as a place can be – and lord knows I dropped enough acid in college to know strange – but shouldn’t we just, you know, share a little talk time. Hi…I’m Jack and I followed my dead dad around for an afternoon. Really Hurley, you saw a guy you once knew back on the mainland and he wanted you to jump off a cliff. Mr Eko, your brother’s been showing up even though he’s dead and in that plane that killed Boone…”

    And that’s before all the “secrets” they all compartmentalize.

    Seriously…we want to go home, and we all know a little something. Let’s share.

    I don’t care what my deep dark secrets are (I killed my step dad, I ran away from my girlfriend on a boat race to prove to her dad I was worthy, I’m an excon searching for the guy who ruined my my family) we should be passed it by now.

    Also, I’m sure his is just an oversight, but Sun’s DOC places Jin on the raft or captured by the tailsection. I know there is supersperm around, but that Super!

  8. Noah says:

    Isn’t it possible that Dharma et. al. created the ‘everyone died’ story as a cover up in the real world? If they really are as rich and powerful as they seem they could have created a fake crash site with reports of no survivors. Just a thought.

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