Muppet-riffic videos

I realize that I’ve gone to the Muppet well once already this week, but I’ve had some videos forwarded to me in the past few days that bear inclusion here.

There are two movie trailer mash-ups and one piece of Muppet history, a hilarious clip of a proto-Cookie Monster devouring a computer. Priceless.

Here ya go:

Heat Fozzy: I never saw Heat, and the Pacino and DeNiro in this version are pretty rotten, but I enjoyed the overall effect.

There’s also a little Silence of the Lambs in there for good measure.

The real Computer Monster [via BoingBoing]. I love Jim Henson doing his best with all the techno-speak.

Pulp Muppets, a mash-up of Muppets characters with the Pulp Fiction trailer. Also starring Eric Stoltz.

One thought on “Muppet-riffic videos

  1. Yeah, I really enjoyed these when I posted them earlier. Who knew the Muppets would be such a draw for Mash-ups. Perhaps because they’re out of the public-eye right now.

    Also did you see those two ones of the Muppets performing the plays of the VT shooter?

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