After catching the tail end of the movie Saved! last night and listening to Flowers in the Window by Travis, I felt compelled to post about Travis.

You see, I love Travis and I do what Travis tell me to do.

What really compelled me was Jenn asking “When are Travis going to release a new album?” After some nifty Firefox-Fu it turns out the answer is this coming Tuesday, May 7, 2007.

The first single, Closer, is already out in the wild.

Here’s the video for Closer the first single off of their forthcoming album, The Both With No Name.

Their MySpace page has a player with ALL the tracks off The Boy With No Name and includes a cool link to a racing game themed off the grocery store in the Closer video.

Their official site is a blast too. I was reminded that the new album title ,The Boy With No Name, is much more reminiscent of my favorite Travis albums, The Man Who and The Invisible Band (which spawned the single Flowers in the Window which started this post).

Also, the new music sounds like those “classic” middle 2 albums than the early stuff or the uneven 12 Memories.

Happy Friday!

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  1. My claim to fame is I used to live down the road from Andy Dunlop, the guitarist, back in Lenzie before they got big. I also remember the days of Glass Onion, the band that preceded Travis

    Good times

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