Monday Make-up post

Forgive me, blogosphere, for I have sinned. It’s been one weekend and a weekday since I last posted.

Whew! Now that I have that out of my system, on to the first of my double-dip for Tuesday.

Easy answers to obvious questions:

  1. Have you seen Spider-man 3
  2. No, I haven’t. The wife did on Friday (w/ her coworkers) but I attended a meeting instead.

    The meeting organizer is still apologizing to me today and I’ll likely see the movie never. Or on DVD, whichever comes first.

  3. Did you hear about LOST?
  4. Yes I did. Spoke to some of our Programming folks under condition of anonymity and they have thoughts just like I do.

    If you can hold your breath until after tomorrow’s episode airs, I might combine a post with the recap or do something on Thursday.

  5. Have you heard the “new” Guns N Roses Chinese Democracy tune?
  6. Yes I have. Not as good as some of the previously-leaked I.R.S. and There Was A Time, but any GnFnR is better than none.

  7. Are you drunk today?
  8. I wish.

  9. Where do you get your Zombie News?
  10., of course.

  11. McFly?
  12. McFly!

Enjoy this shitty post until I post again later today.

UPDATE: Via email, the McFly 2015 project makes some noise:

Hi Seth,

If you check out Neatorama, you’ll see the web campaign (couple of banners) for the official McFLY 2015 project.

Take care,
Michael “Mickey” Maloof
The official McFLY 2015 project

The McFLY 2015 project is a grassroots movement to get Nike to make available to consumers the futuristic-looking sneakers seen in the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part 2.

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