LOST finds it’s way

Not that it was EVER as bad as the press would lead you to believe, but LOST is getting a series finale set in stone and I couldn’t be happier.

Everyone is talking about it.

I’m all for it. The episodes anyhow (48 more!) just not the seasons structure (3 x 16? Why not 2 x 24? Oh yeah, more upfronts).

Convergence Culture has some insider-y stuff, but mostly just a lame comment. If you’re watching out of deference to your own ego and time management the door is over there (not to a hatch). Don’t let it hit your ass on the way out.

And I’m sorry to sound so bitter about something I LOVE (yes, love) so much, but there it is. I’m not rational about LOST, except during recaps.

Listen, you either want shows like this to exist and find large audiences or you want answer like some whiny little baby and you’re better off watching Heroes.

And that’s not a slag against Heroes, but I think they’re fundamentally different propositions. Heroes is a little more pulp-y and more of a traditional chapter-divided linear narrative. LOST is something else, something more sci-fi and more dramatic.

*My Opinion* Lost may be a little less believable in it’s concept but it pulls of an air of believability that is far greater than Heroes because of style and concept. *My Opinion*

Anyhow, I’m happy for Abrams/Cuse/Lindelof. I wanted them to know when they could end this thing.

I think we’re in for more than just some gimmick or “gotcha” but a true 360 degree experience, more like the web game/Lost Experience of last Summer than something so trite as Purgatory.

I think we’ll see a great conclusion/season finale this year that might bring us nearly full circle to all those nagging Season 1 era questions, but still leave us 48 episodes away from getting off the island and saving the world (take that, cheerleader!).

As a bonus link to all my rant-y nonsense, here’s a supposedly spoiler-iffic video regarding this season’s finale and the discovery of Oceanic Flight 815. I think it’s a good (not great) fan video but what do I know.

One more day!

2 thoughts on “LOST finds it’s way

  1. Really great post. I’ve never been able to put my thumb on it but I’ve felt for a while that there’s something about Lost that Heroes isn’t evoking for me. I think that believability you’re talking about [which, to me, lies as much in the excellent acting and storytelling] it it. I’m nowhere near the sci-fi buff that you and some of my friends are but Lost has managed to stir up an insane amount of passion and focus for me. Outside of Lost, I’m more likely to view Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, the Riches, and the Adult Swim lineup [Tommunists forever!]. But Lost is truly something special and I fear [really] that we’ll never see anything like it again. :/

  2. Yeah, I keep thinking about how BAD this last season of Gilmore Girls has been.

    Not that the two shows – Lost and Gilmore – have anything in common, but I watch them both.

    This last season of Gilmore has been EXCRUCIATING because they lost both EPs and both head writers. The new crew has squandered good will and meandered through an entire season only to piss away the season finale which airs next week.

    Honestly, I’d rather have nothing at all than something approximating the former glory.

    So, I love the fact that we have a hard and fast date and a clear path to resolution.

    Go Abrams/Cuse/Lindelof!

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