JPG Magazine Redux

A while back I blogged about getting my free issue of JPG Magazine in the mail and I’ve mentioned trying to gain inclusion for my works in said tome as well.

Now, after a week off of work and hundreds of spectacular photos taken, I found out that something has changed. Derek and Heather – the creators or JPG Magazine – no longer work for the publication they founded.

There’s a ton of additional discussion online about this topic, but since I’m such a novice community member (and a poor Flickr user) I feel a little left out. Once I can get Jenn on-board with doing some of the uploading/tagging herself, I think we’ll be in a better place, picture-wise.

Until that time, I’m content to get another free issue (Issue 10, I think) and potentially throw up some more photos for publication consideration.

Mostly I just feel sad. These people built something more than a magazine, they created a community and now, it seems, a good portion of that is gone or eroding. It’s really disappointing.

Maybe they (and we) should all read Matt Haughey’s (MetaFilter, PVRBlog, A Whole Lotta Nothing) recent Community Tips for 2007.

Anyhow, look for my long-promised Flickr update and more JPG Magazine submissions sometime soon.

*Fingers Crossed*

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