Tee Style

Yesterday in a meeting I mentioned my awesome Mooninite Tee as potential fodder for my firing. The room roundly agreed that wearing it a work would be more than scandalous; it would be detrimental to my continued gainful employment.

Mental note: don’t wear to work. Check!

The discussion got me thinking about my ever-growing collection of t-shirts.

Ironic Tees.
Black Tees.
Superhero Tees.

In the past 6 months I’ve made a ton of wardrobe enhancements, driven by some weight loss and the very casual dress code on campus. But I’m far from done and very smitten with what the internet has to offer each and every day.

Here are some updates:

  1. Love Seibei? Sure, we all do. Here’s a coupon code: mostlymuppet
  2. Help me get a free tee by supporting a very cool site. I’ll likely buy some more stuff too before the freebies hit.

  3. Spreadshirt Beta
  4. I’ve got an account to one of the many Cafe Press alternatives out there. I’ve got some ideas I’d like to try. Watch this space.

  5. Cafe Press
  6. Turns out I’m still making several cents a day off very old (and cobbled) designs.

    Ever since ABC/Disney put the kibosh on my LOST Dharma shirts, I’ve been gun-shy.

    Time to dream up something else?

And if you’re curious where I find my wares to wear, I subscribe to these fine blogs:


3 thoughts on “Tee Style

  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for mentioning the new Spreadshirt – the beta is live. I hope you will check it out.
    When I am not blogging fro Spreadshirt – I write for the Pittsburgh Metroblog. go metblogs.

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