Digital Bits

Just some bullets to keep you up-to-date, since I know you’re all on pins and needles.

  • Thank god my Dreamhost-hosted blog didn’t get hosed
  • Apologies to local bloggers Amber Rhea and Gregor Smith (who’s not really local anymore, being in Charlotte).

    For my part, I’ve had occasional run-ins with Dreamhost, but they’ve always made things right for me. Granted my account has never been compromised, but their official status and talk of awards on their official blog seems a bit at odds with reality.

  • The Center for the Puppetry Arts ROCKS!
  • I’ve blogged this today over at the Atlanta Metroblog, but I loved it (as you can guess given the title of this blog).

    One caveat: leaving your kid as she climbs onto the bus with her classmates, tears welling up in her eyes, will really tug at your heartstrings.

  • Cap’n Crunch creator passes away
  • I nearly wrote “sunk” or “sogged” but caught myself. Well, I just put it down here instead.

    In any event, I just mentioned Cap’n Crunch a little while ago, so this is quite sad.

  • Promotion? Raise? Office?
  • I may have more news, work-wise, here very soon.

    Some of it is decided and some is in flux. You make up the details while I do the same.

Happy Thursday!

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