Muppet Cop-out post

Not that I want to parrot TV Squad regularly to fill in gaps in my own post schedule, but that’s how it goes, especially today.

First, we have news of Disney Channel shorts featuring The Muppets as interstitial content. Fun stuff, even if it is only in bumpers, wrappers and extended promo time.

I think short-format content is the way to go, especially considering the audience of The Disney Channel. Plus, short is where Muppetry excels. The Muppet Show itself was nothing more than a felt-tinged variety (half) hour, so short format is par for the course.

And a whole new generation is just ready and waiting for their brand of humor, just ask my four-year-old who loves my DVD of the first season of The Muppet Show.

Secondly (and lastly since it’s late), Kermit!

That is all.

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