Foodcourt Familiars

Last night while Raelyn was busy brushing her teeth, Jenn and I had a goofy conversation about children’s names, most likely brought about by all the silly pet names and terms of endearment we have for Raelyn and Owen.

“What if his name was Julius? We could call him Orange Julius. And his sister could be Pretzel Time!”

“Cinnabon,” Jenn countered.

“Cinnabon Extra Icing Miller”.

We all had a good laugh and a craving for frozen yogurt.

And I realize I’ve broken Kevin Smith’s law of mall eateries. Deal.

Brodie: Cookie stand isn’t part of the food court.

T.S. Quint: Of course it is.

Brodie: The food court is downstairs. The cookie stand is upstairs. It not like we’re talking quantum physics here.

T.S. Quint: The cookie stands counts as an eatery, eateries are part of the food court.

Brodie: Bullshit. Eateries that operate within the designated square downstairs count as food court. Anything outside, of said designated square, counts as an autonomous unit for mid-mall snacking. Now, if your going to wax intellectual about the subject…

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