Stupid Father Tricks

As Owen is fast-approaching the two-month/8-week threshold (tomorrow, to be exact) he’s becoming more and more interactive.

For example, the weekend:

  • Stuck out his tongue after repeated prodding (or vice versa)
  • Cooed/lipsynched while attempting to talk (imagine a poorly-dubbed chop-socky movie)
  • Fell asleep on my chest twice and nuzzled up under my chin

Three great moments from the greatest son in our household.

Not to be outdone, Raelyn is ever the diligent 4-year-old older sister.

She “pets” Owen’s head, holds his hand and strokes his face at every opportune moment (and quite a few inopportune moments).

She has figured out – quickly – that I don’t have 11 fingers.

She has almost forgotten all her bedtime anxiety and plays the role of respectful, helpful child almost nightly.

Now if only we could have all this wonderfulness happening at the same time on the same day in the same house, maybe we’d get more done on our weekends. That said, I’m not complaining about what I just enumerated.

Happy Monday!

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