Scott Baio is 45 … and a Sham!

Not that I ever thought reality television was truly “reality” but VH1’s latest offering, the just-ended Scott Baio is 45 … and Single, takes the cake for being the most thoroughly deceiving and deceitful exercise in this tired genre of “Celebreality” to use VH1’s marketing slogan.

I should have known something was up when I saw the name Eric Bischoff in the credits. How does a man associated with Wrestling make an honest reality show? He doesn’t, just ask Bischoff or Hulk Hogan.

Here, though, the real criminal is Jason Hervey. You know, I didn’t like him as Wayne Arnold (Kevin’s younger brother) on The Wonder Years, but I warmed to him here.

He was kind. He was a good foil to Scott because he was married. He was non-threateningly short.

He was a liar and an executive producer, just like Scott.

Where was Jason during that finale? Why would he have ordered that ice sculpture if he didn’t know about the engagement, the pregnancy or both? Why was I watching this?

Well, Scott Baio is a decent sitcom actor. He plays the role of put-upon everyman really well, and it turns out he was doing just that in his “reality” show.

Turns out everyone has been in on the joke – save for the viewers – since the beginning. Here’s the evidence:

E! Online
Celebrity Baby Blog
The Hollywood Gossip

Presumably this information could have been embargoed only so the ending of the series wasn’t ruined for “fans” (like me, I suppose) but I’m theorizing that VH1 execs were sold on a tale of redemption for an aw-shucks lothario who finds a path to wedded bliss and fatherhood in 8 installments before the camera rolls.

I’m guessing Renee (that’s the fiancee nee girlfriend) came to Scott with news of her pregnancy and they saw it as an opportunity to boost both their careers. Their own version of Newlyweds (Nick & Jessica Simpson) or Tori & Dean: Inn Love, now with more Chachi!

The whole thing just reeks. Hervey’s performances as the dutiful, responsible buddy. Johnny V’s antics of the single man. Renee’s friendship with Scott’s exes and Doc Ali’s “sessions”. Poor woman even has homework in the form of video blogs for all of us struggling with love. She even claims that she didn’t know Scott was going to propose or that Renee was pregnant.

I call Bullshit!
The Producers knew!
Scott knew!
Renee knew!
Jason Hervey and Eric Bischoff knew!
VH1 knew!

Well, fuck you, VH1! If it weren’t for Best Week Ever I wouldn’t even be watching your air or reading your website, so I guess I’m losing those as well. It’s on to The Soup for me; they aren’t above biting the hand that feeds them and calling Bullshit when the situation warrants.

Oh, and those Rock or Love women ARE pornstars. Kudos.

Yeah, you won’t see me back for Season 2. Assholes.

UPDATE: Dear. Lord. No.

3 thoughts on “Scott Baio is 45 … and a Sham!

  1. I really quite enjoyed Scott Baio’s show, even if it is a load of BS.

    Then again, I work in television & movies. I know it’s all contrived, and how they contrive it, from the get go so I suppose my expectations are different.

  2. toomuchtvwatcher says:

    Yeah, this whole show WAS bullshit! First of all, Scott looked old and was quite cranky. Why so cranky if women are falling at your feet all the time?!?! So now he has this girlfriend Renee who is young looking (34 or so) and who already has a 17 year old daughter? Where did he find her? In the backwoods somewhere? Yikes–he should have hung on to Healther Locklear or some other star! I hated the “friends” too. Johnny Douchebag was such an idiot–and was he an actor too b/c I thought I saw some kind of headshot photo in one of the episodes. There is no was that 50+ man was banging any hot chicks! Even if they did flock to see Baio, no way would they settle for that middle aged moron. I thought the show would be dumb but I didn’t realize it would be so scripted and STILL bad! Lets hope there is no season 2 of this bullshit!!

  3. Yeah, when I saw Hervey was the producer and also _in_ Bob Loblaw is 45… I had a feeling the whole thing was very stagey. Didn’t really get into it in that first episode and never watched it afterwards either. It’s been nice but weird having a summer away from teevee!

    As for the Rock of Love, I’m a huge fan of the Flavor of Love series [and offshoots] but can’t seem to ever must up much enthusiasm for the Rock of Love thing. Flav’s girls are probably the same class of skanks [not you, Goldie] as Bret’s but, for me, Flav’s ladies often manage to bring a sense of humor to the table whereas all the Rock of Love gals bring is a bad case of crabs. 😉

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