The IT Crowd

So last year I raved so much about BBC4’s The IT Crowd [IMDb] [Official Site] that I showed you where to find it online in various forms.

This year, I’m updating my links to include the episodes from Season 2 (Series 2 as the Brits say) at a better, more comprehensive site.

Oh, and you already knew that NBC was bringing their version stateside [IMDb], right? With Richard Ayoade (Moss)?

No? Well, let’s hope it’s not like their version of Coupling, which, while letter-perfect in it’s verbatim recreation, just wasn’t funny.

I’m hoping it’s the next incarnation of The Office. The additions of Joel McHale (from The Soup on E!) and Jessica St. Clair (Best Week Ever on VH1) are good signs.

Anyhow, enjoy the new episodes (and old ones, too) of the British version and cross your fingers for the American version. I’ll be watching and waiting.

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