I’m having a very busy week, so I’ve had headphones on (and will continue to do so) for as long as possible/necessary.

Here are some nifty embeds/widgets of what I’m listening to:


No embed (I thought there was). Here’s their album, Never Hear The End Of It, which has actually been around awhile.

Every time I remember that great Canadian bands like Sloan exist and are popular in their native land(s), I weep for the state of popular music in this country. Am I getting too old?

Crowded House:

Here are some tracks from their new album, Time On Earth. I wasn’t a really big Crowded House fan in the 80’s, but a former co-worker turned me on to the Finn Brothers last album and I was hooked.

Is the music getting too soft? Am I?

Who cares. I enjoy it.

Put on your headphones and enjoy your hump day!

One thought on “Listening

  1. Steve says:

    Funny that you should post this today, as I stopped by to see how you’re doing.

    I saw Crowded House here in Denver a couple of weeks ago. I think they’re shocked by the number of 30something techie geeks and book nerds in America who can sing every word of their songs. lol They kept getting us to sing along because they were absolutely loving it. Very energetic and fun show, as they always have been.

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