Federer beats Roddick. Again.

Since we got the HDTV up and running, I’ve been watching a ton of USA/Universal HD coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament. So much so that Jenn banned all TV-viewing during dinnertime, despite the fact that 1080i looks great a distance of over 25 feet. I’m just sayin’.

So no Tennis during dinner anymore. Universal HD was running Poker instead of U.S. Open coverage anyhow, so we didn’t miss Venus’ match or Roddick’s showdown with Federer while Chinese take-out was consumed.

After Raelyn went to bed and while we waited for Owen to succumb to two-month-old sleepiness (always unpredictable) we watched Roddick vs. Federer and were held completely transfixed.

For two sets of tennis neither man double-faulted.
Neither lost serve/broken.
Neither looked willing to give in or lose.

But someone had to lose and, again, it was Andy Roddick.

He lost tiebreaks in each of the first two sets and eventually succumbed to Roger Federer’s calm, stoic, dare I say “neutral” as only the Swiss can be.

The sad thing is, Roddick was at his most composed and focused I’ve ever seen him in a match against Federer. Even Jenn, who doesn’t watch/play/understand as much tennis as I do realized that Roddick was playing the best tennis of his life. Her two questions: why the hat and why so much black?

Well, Andy was at his own funeral and Roger was the man in black. As for the hat, who knows?

All I know is that if Andy Roddick can’t beat Roger Federer playing the way he did last night, he might never beat him.

Best quote of the night: “I don’t ever want to hear John McEnroe discussing Andy Roddick’s quads again.” – Jenn

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  1. On a note, I went to a seminar on shooting and editing HD this past weekend. 1080i is an okay format but 720p is vastly superior from a technical and persistence of vision standpoint. The ‘i’ in 1080i stands for ‘interlaced,’ meaning that it’s basically the same standard as old fashioned television, just with more lines of resolution. The ‘p’ in 720p, on the other hand stands for “progressive” meaning that it’s single, whole images making up each frame rather than cheese gratered half images like their interlaced counterpart.

    You’re not likely to notice unless you hit pause in the middle of a major bit of action, though.

    Also, tennis is the one that’s like ping pong but bigger and usually played by athletic lesbians, right?

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