Wes Anderson and my glaring ignorance

I’m going to be frank, I’ve only ever seen one Wes Anderson film in it’s entirety in a theatrical setting, that being The Royal Tenenbaums. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Rushmore and Bottlerocket on Cable, but I haven’t seen The Life Aquatic, mostly because Jenn didn’t want to.

I like Bill Murray, especially his turn in Lost in Translation (which thanks Wes Anderson in the credits) so I think I’m a little behind-the-times in not seeing Rushmore or The Life Aquatic.

But what really got me interested in Wes Anderson – strange because I have a TiVo and rarely actively watch ads – are his new AT&T commercials. Golden Fiddle has a rundown of all the spots which I highly recommend. I actually caught two of these spots while watching Daily Show clips on ComedyCentral.com this afternoon.

It turns out that Wes Anderson just released a new film that, given our recent vacation and newborn baby, I hadn’t heard of: The Darjeeling Limited. The film actually has a companion piece, Hotel Chevalier, which was released for free on iTunes, that takes place two weeks prior to the action in the film. Bonus points for the great soundtrack and a love scene with Natalie Portman.

As if that isn’t enough, Wes has done an ad for American Express that embodies his signature directorial style, features Jason Schwartzman and really does have me excited to see more of his (if not get a new credit card).

Anyhow, since this is my first full week back to blogging after vacation, I figured I’d follow yesterday’s link-laden post about videos with another.

Happy Friday!

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