Better days ahead: Matthew Sweet and music

After yesterday’s pity party, I’m feeling much better today, despite the fact that the music industry sucks.

I like music.
I listen in my car.
I listen at work.
I listen at home.

I just want to enjoy my old favorites and find some new stuff, but I’m often rebuffed.

But not today. No, today I heard Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend on the radio at the gym so all is right.

If you don’t know me personally, you might not realize this song is like my personal anthem. It’s the ringtone on my phone when Jenn calls.

Plus, Matthew is a fellow Libran and his music dominates my Last.FM playlist.

So, yeah, today is better because of music and in spite of it. Go figure.

Oh and if you’re like me, waiting for new Matthew Sweet music, check out RCAM’s Matthew Sweet MySpace Profile for the new “single” Badass. I can’t wait (though I’ll have to until 2008) for the entire album.

Happy Wednesday!

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