Marketing 2.0 and Jackie Huba

I’ve mentioned Jackie Huba of Church of the Customer previously, and I’ve even been a part of their podcast, but yesterday was the first day I’d spoken with her live.

I first heard on her blog about a Marketing 2.0 discussion that was moderated by Francois Gossieaux as a part of the Marketing 2.0 group on Facebook.

The discussion was wide-ranging and lasted about 50 minutes, but there were some great topics covered including:

  • Listening first before you start a blog/podcast/discussion with your community
  • Knowing what is being said about you before you say something
  • Understanding what you want to achieve out of interactions with fans, loyalists and customers
  • Empowering the people that know your brand/product/service/business the best to help you

I’m being fairly broad and general, but the discussion was nothing less than the common sense approach of communication with and involvement of your constituencies in helping you do the task of Marketing. Both deceptively simple and very hard (if your organization isn’t right).

I actually asked a question during the interview regarding fan interaction on social networks. My voice cracked a bit and I’m not sure I was very clear, but I’ll likely be on the podcast.

The gist of my question: in entertainment, it’s easy to find fansites and communities, but how do we reach individuals (and fold ourselves into the fabric of their experience) as individuals on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Jaiku, etc.?

Jackie’s advice: ask the bigger fans how to talk to the smaller fans. Good stuff.

Until tomorrow.

UPDATE: as promised, here’s a link to a recording of the call. My question occurs at almost exactly the half-way mark.

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