It’s Arrakis, you ass!

Last night my folks and my brother came up to Smyrna to celebrate my birthday. I got a Publix cake and a trip to the newly-opened Varner’s Tavern.

Varner’s is located in the old Uncle Bud’s building, but it’s been greatly expanded and remodeled inside. More seating, a better bar and a bunch of LCD HDTVs. It’s basically a less crowded, softer music version of Taco Mac.

Anyhow, last night was team trivia night and the following exchange was the highlight of our visit (save for the beer):

Trivia Guy: The category is Sci-Fi.
Us: Yahtzee!
Trivia Guy: In Frank Herbert’s Dune series, what is the name of the drug that comes from the planet Arrakis (pronounced Air-Uh-Kiss)
Thad (my awesome middle brother): It’s Arrakis (pronounced ar-rāqiá¹£), you ass!
Trivia Guy (who could, we found out, hear us quite clearly): Sorry, everyone. I’ve just been informed by someone who is obviously getting this question correct, that it’s Arrakis. My Bad.
Us: *sinking slowly into our booth so no one will see*
Us: *riotous laughter*

So yeah, we’re geeks, we’re loud and if we had actually been playing trivia we would have p0wned.

For the curious, I had a pint of Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar and a pint of Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA. Yummy.

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