Belated Birthday Bowling

Most of the folks from my old job went out bowling during lunch at Midtown Bowl to celebrated the birthdays of three folks in the office, me included (belatedly). It’s a great deal if you haven’t been – 2 games, shoe rental and lunch (sandwich and drink, fries extra) – for $11.50.

The newly-renovated space is much cleaner and nicer and the ownership is always very appreciative of your patronage. Points off for the fries/onion rings being an extra cost, but that’s a minor quibble.

What anyone really cares about when you discuss bowling are the scores and the embarrassing performance of others, either in form or results. Here, then, is the braggadocio:

Game 1: 148 (3rd out of 12 bowlers)
Game 2: 176 (1st out of 12 bowlers)
Cume: 324 (2nd out of 12 bowlers)

My only regret is that the ultimate competitor in the arena of bowling, Jenn, wasn’t there to witness or bowl herself. Granted, she likely would have beat me (she always does) but I still think my performance was noteworthy. I don’t think I’ve bowled since this event last year.


Happy Friday!

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